Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cloud Computing and Network Resilience is different

The recent fire at the Singtel exchange caused a lot of connectivity problems for the whole of Singapore. However, I was wondering why someone commented that cloud computing is able to avert this issue. It doesn't.

Yes, cloud computing technology allows virtual network connections to be made within the infrastructure. However, do not forget that no matter how many virtual connections you have, you will still need physical cables to connect the whole infrastructure together. If the fibre connections to the data centre containing this cloud computing infrastructure have issues, the connectivity problem will still exist. That's a fact.

Cloud computing will not help in resolving the issue that plague Singtel. Resiliency in network is a tricky issue because the fire at the exchange happened at the gateway. Rerouting it to other exchanges will probably mean a slowdown for the other customers because the fibre connections may not be able to take the extra load from the rerouted traffic.

It's a tricky issue... Having backup exchanges may be the answer but who will pay for this backup infrastructure that is only used in an emergency?

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