Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Started to see trains without the entrance grab poles

I've recently seen more trains without the entrance grab poles and you should see how smooth the flow of traffic is now at the train doors. They should have done it ages ago. The "pole dancers" are now going further into the train to do their "dance" which is fine as they are not blocking anyone. The new grab poles are also designed in a way that doesn't promote congestion so for those who must hold onto a hand rail or pole, you will not be blocking the flow of traffic too much. Kudos to the designers.

However, so far I only see it deployed at the automated lines. I hope they quickly do it for all trains. Seriously, I can't believe the number of "pole dancers" and "people without backbone" in Singapore. They could also still do that even though the train is packed full.

What is happening to Singaporeans?


Anonymous said...

You should rephrase as "What is our highly paid young scholars thinking." It is due to these immature scholars like Kee Chiu, that is causing all these problems..

Anonymous said...

I agree with your thought on the "highly paid young scholars". But with all due respect, minister "Kee Chiu" is one of the better ones out there who's actually doing something to make a difference. I am not pro-PAP but I know several persons who know/work with "Kee Chiu" directly, so I see a different side of him from the public. For instance, he actually eats in the same canteen as his staff, so as to interact with them (those below Asst Director level) to find out what's happening on the ground. We need more ministers with his heart and calibre to build a better Singapore.

As for the "pole-dancers", I noticed a lot of them are foreigners. But maybe SG got so overrun by foreigners than everywhere we go, we just bump into them (i.e. law of large numbers kick in).

chantc said...

I'm not sure how this relates to young scholars because this problem existed ever since the first MRT was rolled out. The entrance grab pole is a legacy issue which was never put to rest. Luckily, they started to.

With regard to the pole dancers, no. Many of them are Singaporeans. I've seen many such examples quite often. Even now I see these pole dancers trying to lean against the grab handle. It's not like you need to be in the train for a couple of hours.

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