Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Chek Jawa, the green lung of Singapore

Most people who are going to Pulau Ubin will not miss going to Chek Jawa, I would say one of the last untouched green lung of Singapore. Chek Jawa is made up of  6  interdependent  ecosystems; the Coastal Hill Forest,  Mangrove Forest,  Rocky Shore, Sandy Shore and Sand Bar, Seagrass in the Lagoon and the Coral Rubble. Within each of the above ecosystems there is an abundance of natural living creatures, plants and birds - local and migratory birds. You can find more information about getting to Chek Jawa here.

Chek Jawa is now split into 2 different main areas, the Mangrove broadwalk where you will go through the Mangrove forest and go up the Jejawi Tower which will let you see Pulau Ubin from a bird's eye view, and the Coastal broadwalk where you will walk nearer to the sea and see the other ecosystems. They are both linked so I would suggest you start with the Mangrove broadwalk.

Below are some pictures of the mangroves in Chek Jawa. I took the pictures when the tide was progressively getting lower so you are able to see the roots of the mangroves getting more exposed.

Below is a picture of part of the coastal broadwalk that is surrounding the Coastal Hill Forest. There are a number of birds within as I can heard their chirping. Unfortunately for me though, they choose to stay within it and did not venture out.

The 2 trees you see below are Perepat trees which are nearer to the visitor centre. The tide was progressively getting lower at this point in time. If you're lucky, you might see eagles flying in that area. I saw one of them, but they were too far unfortunately. :(

Below is a picture of the Sand Bar I presume, which is quite near the Seagrass lagoon which is only visible when the tide is low.

You might be asking where are the wildlife photos? Well, stay tuned for the next post. :)

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