Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Seems like bureaucracy restricts innvoation too

I was reading another article that talks about the work life in a certain company. What the person liked about the company is that even though there were many layers above him to the founders, all the people in the middle got out of the way so that the founders could actually hear the idea from him, a relatively junior person within the organisation.

I think it is quite common in organisations that if you want to get access to the upper management, the usual case is that all the people in-between will want to vet and modify whatever that you're proposing or bringing up. Sometimes, you see your idea being morphed into something completely different when it goes up, or worst still, your idea becomes your bosses idea, causing the team to be demoralised.

The person who originated the idea probably has some reasons for it and only the person who came up with the idea is able to defend it well. Who knows? The idea may be something that is radically different and will change the way things are done. I guess that is why for that particular organisation, everyone got out of the way so that the person who came up with the idea can pitch it.

How many organisations in the world has this kind of structure? Not many I think.

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