Sunday, April 29, 2012

Last time I will be getting a full leather sofa

I think this is the last time I will be getting a full leather sofa. Got a 2L full leather sofa from Species Home Furnishing which was delivered starting of year 2010. Within a year, this happened!

I've never sat down at this corner of the sofa and the only thing I ever did to this corner is to rest my elbow against it. Fine! The sides can't withstand the weight of my elbow. I could live with this small patch of eyesore.

However shortly after that, maybe about 14-15months after the sofa was delivered to me, the sofa started "flaking" at around the area which I'm sitting at. Tada, now this is what my sofa looks like.

The only way I can sit on my sofa now is to cover this patch with a piece of cloth which you can see slightly in my first picture. This sofa costs almost $1,900 and this is the quality I get! Severely disappointed. Now I know why some people only get fabric sofa. Expensive lesson learned!!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to tell you - that's not leather.

Anonymous said...

Haha, yes, as the previous commenter stated, this is not real leather.. This is basically vinyl with some leather particles blended-in which is sold as "bonded leather". Do a bit of research and you'll get a better understanding of the difference..

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