Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Looking out of the Legend of the Seas

Having recently went on the Royal Caribbean cruise, one of the must do most will not miss out is being out on the deck, looking out towards the big blue sea, and experiencing the strong winds and the scenery. :) Yes, the winds are quite strong, and cold if you're out at night. The night sky is also quite amazing, if there are not many clouds around. You may not be able to see those kind of stars in Singapore. Light pollution at work.

Below are some of the pictures I took of the "scenery" at sea.

Star Cruise Virgo docked beside Legend of the Seas

Expensive houses near the Habourfront Cruise Centre

Waiting for the Sun rise. In the end, it was blocked by the clouds.

Trail of waves at the back of the ship.

Star Cruise Libra docked outside Malaysia

Look of Penang from Legend of the Seas

The other side of Penang, taken from Legend of the Seas.

Night view of Penang

Another cruise ship docked near Legend of the Seas

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