Friday, March 4, 2011

iOS 4.3 at a glance

Updated 14 Mar 2011:  Added additional points

iOS 4.3 at a glance:
  • Not compatible with iPhone 3G and below, iPod Touch 2nd generation and below
  • Faster Safari Browser (nitro: doubles the Javascript engine)
  • iTunes Home sharing
  • Improved Airplay
  • Preference for iPad switch: mute or rotation lock
  • iPhone 4 only: Lets you share your 3G data via WiFi to other PC, laptops, iDevices or any other device
  • Renamed Internet Tethering to Personal Hotspot
  • Resolved the problem where Internet cannot be immediately accessed when switching ON the Cellular Data.
  • Available on Mar 9 11 2011.

I wonder where are the new multi-touch gestures to complement the Home button. Coming in June?

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