Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Windows 7 available from Oct 22

As predicted in my previous post here, the official date for Windows 7 is Oct 22. According to Microsoft, there will be an upgrade option so that their partners can offer customers the ability to purchase a Windows Vista-based PC and install Windows 7 when it’s ready.

However, there's still no news of the Windows 7 pricing, and when the upgrade option is available. Read from the grapevine that more details will be out end June. Guess maybe they are waiting for the Apple WWDC to finish before they announce anything.

For me personally, I'll rather get a Windows 7 machine than an upgraded Windows Vista machine. Reason is very simple. An upgraded machine will not be as "clean" as a pure Windows 7 machine. I'm taking about the need for speed man. :) Not only that, based on my past experience with upgrading Windows OS, sometimes you'll get funny problems that will never occur if you cleanly install your OS.

Anyway like I remarked previously, if I will get another computer, it will most probably be a Mac. WWDC is next week. Translated... That means we'll know "what's cooking" by next Tue.

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