Friday, June 19, 2009

The Only Thing I Agree With Cloud Computing

I tend to disagree with most of the cloud computing articles that I read because I felt that the articles are mostly looking at the technology, and trying to fit it into the business. However, truly successful businesses use IT to enable their processes. The investment into IT is as a result of the business needs, and not just to use the latest technology.

However, there is one point which I agree out of the many articles that I read. Open source will drive cloud computing. The reason is very simple. Costs. The focus of cloud computing are the services that the cloud can render, and the ability to scale as and when there is a need. The cloud computing operator should concentrate on the building of services, and should not worry needlessly whether an increase of 100 users will affect the licencing cost of a particular platform. (Hint: CAL)

The way to go for cloud computing is open source. The focus should be on the functionality of the services rendered, and not on those complicated user licencing costs (especially if you need to scale up) that can be set as a Maths exam question.

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