Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Don't complain when you are not recognized at work

I thought that I should write a short note on the outcome of the recent general election results. Let's stop harping on what happened previously and look forward to the future since the election is over.

However, some Singaporeans have lost their right to complain that they are not recognized at work because some of them voted out a member of parliament that was working full time on their issues, unlike most of the other members. If you don't recognize the hard work that your mp put in, don't expect others to recognize what you did. That's the precedent that you have set for yourself. 

I worry for our future. 


Anonymous said...

Answering to your words that "my MP" did a lot of work ... i just dont agree. Because he really didnt. There are records that show that he didnt.

Answering strictly to your headline that "Don't complain when you are not recognized at work" ... but Singapore is not a company, but a country. But is run like a company.

Anyway, If Daniel Goh the sociologist succeeded in becoming a NCMP, he would be able to actually prove why the long-term social costs is not worth the short economic trade-offs that a country should not risk doing in the first place. Keyword here though - like what the ancient Spartans responded once - IF.


chantc said...

Was your MP voted out? My post was about the MP that was voted out and the MP was a she.

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