Monday, January 12, 2015

Those with EP are paid higher but it does not resolve the locals salaries issue

Rising the qualifying salary of those with EP passes were made law with one very big assumption... Rising the salary of the foreign workers will result with locals having the same qualifications getting the same rise in salary. However, this may not be true.

The reason is very simple. Just look at the news. There are so many instances where Singaporeans were fired and foreigners were hired to take their place. Where is the law that helps prevents deserving Singaporeans who are doing a good job from being replaced by a foreigner?

Raising the qualifying salary without looking at the other parts of the law to protect Singaporeans do not resolve the problem and only helps to reinforce the impression that Singapore is favouring foreigners.

However, that doesn't mean that the law should protect undeserving Singaporeans. Yes, do not forget that we also have black sheeps amongst ourselves that would do the least work but expect to get same or more benefits than others who did much more.

Using EP to control the number of foreigners in Singapore is not effective at all, and only serves to bring about more cases such as those appearing in the newspapers lately. How to resolve this issue?

Look at Big Data...

You have data from MoM on the employees and employers and the nationality
You have data from CPF on the estimated gross salary paid

With this 2 sets of data, it's pretty easy to get clues on what is happening within the company and how the passes are being used

You do not need another set of law to do it. It's all there.

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