Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Stop focusing on the marks for PSLE

Personally, I've always wondered what is so special about the PSLE such that the results show the total marks that you score for all your subjects. All the results thereafter only show something equivalent to the Grade Point Average (GPA).

Why must we be so fixated on the marks that the kids are getting? Isn't it enough to know that they got A, or A+? Why can't PSLE follow the same GPA system as secondary school and tertiary education?

Even when I was young, I never thought much about the number that I got after PSLE. Now, I don't even care about that number. However, it seems that many parents are fixated now on this magical number, and for what reason I've absolutely no idea.

I'm not very old but I think that to everyone, childhood is one of the best memories that anyone can have. Why do we want to fill our childhood with memories of going to countless tuition classes or enrichment classes? Why can't we fill it with family bonding time, family excursions, or just normal conversations?

Are exam results so important?

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