Monday, May 17, 2010

Cyclists should go out in groups

It has been some time since I have cycled on the roads. However the impression I have in my mind is still quite fresh. That's because regardless if it is day or night, the fact is that cycling on Singapore roads is dangerous.

Like it or not, there is no such thing as a safe cyclist. Reason is because safety is never in our control. Like what the older folks like to say, it's 肉包铁. No matter how safety conscious you are, you cannot prevent a car from kissing your backside or e-braking in front of you. The only difference between a cyclist and a vehicle driver is that this kind of situations usually result in serious injuries for the cyclist, no matter what protective gear we are wearing.

My only advice I can give other than the usual advice is to always cycle in groups. Never cycle alone as cars tend to bully lone cyclists. When you are riding in groups, ensure that the group rides in a convoy formation. Vehicles will less likely cut into your lane if you keep that formation.

Oh yes. Avoid buses, heavy vehicles and taxis. Back in my time, they are always the ones that tend to bully cyclists.

Ride safely and please ride in groups as you will be more visible to the other road users.

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