Friday, May 22, 2009

Popularity of iPhone

Latest figures from Gartner put the iPhone as the world's 3rd most popular smartphone. The top 3 popularity ranking for smartphones is:
  1. Nokia - 41.2% from 45.1%
  2. BlackBerry - 19.9% from 13.3%
  3. iPhone - 10.8% from 5.3%

In terms of increase in percentage, iPhone leads the pack. Guess what's the best part? This is despite iPhone being exclusive to selective telcos in some countries. Just imagine how popular the iPhone will be, if this restriction is removed.

I'm still waiting for M1 and Starhub to offer the iPhone. When this happens, the iPhone prices and plans will definitely be more competitive. M1 and Starhub might think that this is a fad, but I urge them to think otherwise. Within a span of a few months, I've seen more and more people using the iPhone on the public transport. And since iPhone is sold exclusively by one telco, it means that some customers may have been displeased with the telcos in-action and voted with their feet. I knew a few people who has switched telco purely because of the iPhone.

Ignore iPhone at your own risk telcos, especially when iPhone 3.0 is released on June 8 this year.

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