Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Household Savings Rate 2007 by Country

Household Savings Rate 2007 by Country

Australia 0.5

US 0.7

UK 2.7

Japan 3.0

Korea 4.0

Italy 7.3

Poland 8.8

Slovakia 9.5

Germany 10.4

Spain 10.6

France 12.8

China 24.0

Source: OECD, NBER


Sydneydoll said...


im using this in my economics HSC notes : )

Ameya said...

you are missing India with a savings rate of much is it in Singapore...its funny I was looking for this information.

chantc said...

That's the other funny part. I do not know. :p

Can't seem to find the statistics for that anywhere.

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